An argument in favor of dress codes in public schools

Arguments For and Against School Dress Codes

Children need rules and guidance. Some employers—some dotcom companies, for example—care less about how their employees dress and more about their work. Society expects them to be committed to capitalism and democracy, to hard work, honesty and the American Dream—and to dress appropriately.

In an attempt to counter violence, many public schools implement a dress code or require students to wear uniforms. He served the Clovis and Selma unified school districts in various capacities and spent 19 years at the Fresno County Office of Education, retiring as assistant superintendent Cons of school dress code: Dress codes are part of the hidden curriculum.

She thinks that girls who are taken out of class, given something else to wear or suspended for their style choices should be treated far more respectfully. If students at a young age had a traumatic experience with a teacher their thirst for learning will diminish and that will cause the student to react recklessly in class.

Pros and cons of school dress code

Many gang members will not wear uniforms and sneak in the back doors to try to start trouble or get other students to join them.

The violence hand gang symbols were appearing more frequently. Here you can read about three different situations where parents had a very difficult time paying for school uniforms.

Our community and nation face many challenges such as discrimination, health care and pollution. Student voice is suppressed. The idea of uniforms even reached the halls of Congress when then-President Clinton endorsed them in his State of the Union address.

But while larger cultural pressure for young women to self-objectify is steady, it is absolutely imperative to note that girls—young girls—can understand and control the implications of their appearance.

I finally decided to leave teaching when gang members tried pushing me down the stairs. Students seem to agree to these rules because they are allowed to dress as they please and just follow the rules. Students also need to remember that, in the big picture, being asked to dress a certain way for a few hours a day is not really as arduous as it might seem.

Most school uniforms are embroidered which add extra expenses onto them. Teachers defiantly favor students who dress appropriately and do their work in a timely fashion.

Arguments Against School Dress Codes

Arguments Against Dress Codes and Uniforms What would happen if kids could do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted?

Each school in the district will decide individually on the dress policy for its school. Department of Education disseminated the Manual of School Uniforms to all 16, school districts in the nation.

Most school uniforms are embroidered which add extra expenses onto them. These codes were established because of the success demonstrated by districts with a dress code.

To submit a correction for our consideration, click here.In a far-reaching decision, the Court essentially decided that schools may limit student expression (such as enforcing dress codes) if there is a legitimate concern that such expression will be disruptive to the learning environment or violate the rights of others.

In his State of the Union address, President Clinton called on American schools to require uniforms to ensure the safety of school fmgm2018.comgh some schools complied with this suggestion, many schools felt this was too extreme of a measure and began to implement school dress codes.

This means dress codes have no place in schools. Scott Key, Ph.D., is a faculty member in the Fresno Pacific University School of Education. Before coming to FPU, he was at the University of Illinois and a member of the Small Schools Workshop in Chicago.

Dress codes for public schools

Girls Speak Out Against Sexist School Dress Codes And when girls violate dress codes, schools do tend to focus on discipline. has been looking at harsh discipline in public schools. She. Generally, schools have the right to create rules that provide an effective public school education for its students.

Both students and staff of primary, elementary, junior and senior high school campuses have the right to be safe and secure in their persons.

Dress codes trace back to the s and ‘30s, and conflicts over the rules have been around ever since, says Paoletti, the fashion historian: “Dress has been an issue in public schools as long.

An argument in favor of dress codes in public schools
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