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Trocco details a few other episodes of synthesizer evolution - the rise of ARP and their rivalry with Moog, Tom Oberheim's invention of the polyphonic synthesizer, and the influence of Switched-On Bach. And all in 55 minutes.

I enjoyed the story and the facts, and the especially the account of the interplay between musicians, engineers, and sales people in the development of these devices. Since NovemberBlake has been collaborating with Hawkwind full-time, performing on theremin and what he chooses to call " Virtual Lead Guitar".

At the end of the sessions Allen had invited Blake to come back to France to be Gong's sound mixer, but Blake rapidly moved on to work on his own music, using synthesisers. Working as a sound engineer in the summer ofBlake gave a group of musicians their first chance to play together during a concert at All Saints Hall in London, and so Hawkwind was born.

Later, Grenas and Pressurehed mastermind Len del Rio wandered off to produce a series of solo and side projects, exploring the full spectrum of space music.

Once upon a time, Tommy Grenas played with a very strange band called Farflung.

Anubian Lights

The cover portion of the song is generally subdued, replacing the classic scream with shrill flute-work. Blake began a solo career under the name of Crystal Machine, which is noted for being the first live act to introduce the use of laser lighting in the entertainment world.

He has reunited with the 'classic-era' line-up of Gong minus Pierre Moerlen, who died in May for one-off concerts, in May, and in November at the 3rd Gong Family Unconvention Uncon at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. This company sells your internet traffic to other people, meaning that other people can use your IP address and can break some of the above rules, causing you to be banned from this site.

del dettmar

At this time, Blake produced 2 solo albums 's Crystal Machine and 's Blake's New Jerusalemand a large number of stage performances, in Europe and Japan, culminating in the closing spot at the Glastonbury Festival. Electronics bleep among sinuous rhythms, organ swoops punctuate stretches of playful weirdness, basslines ooze underfoot and guitars wail with ecstatic glee.

The songs are tight trances full of vibrant power. The only downs on this release are the absence of Nik Turner's saxophone work his feud with Brock has become so heated that he was specifically "not invited"his role being filled by one Jez Hugget, who is a dead ringer for Nik on Tenor, but displays some touches of originality on Soprano.

SinceBlake removed all his solo albums from the record market, preferring to make them available for download as mp3s from his own web site.

Fed by a bevy of electronics and sophisticated sampling equipment, this music manifests in a variety of instruments and curious noises, aided by traditional guitar, bass and drums.


Since NovemberBlake has been collaborating with Hawkwind full-time, performing on theremin and what he chooses to call " Virtual Del dettmar synthesist Guitar". SinceBlake has made all his solo discography available from Cherry Red Records.

Among these side projects was Anubian Lights. Slip in some tasty distant fluting by Turner, who also provides the brief haunting lyrics in his commanding voice. The percussive drive is heightened by the choppy keyboard electronics and twinkling guitar.

Again, this take is more sedate and pensive than the album version. Turner's chant transforms the barbarity into celestial religion. Later inBlake joined up with another noted "space rock" outfit, Hawkwind, the group he had helped to form 10 years before, for a short stint between andand has sporadically rejoined them on several occasions.

You can request being unbanned by clicking here and completing the form. This music also features Tommy Grenas and Len del Rio in the line-up performance and composition, since this music is all generally improvised live. Admittedly, though, the central pivot of the music is Damo's earthy vocals and intricate lyrics.

Then he joined Pressurehed, a West Coast spacerock band. He left Gong in earlyprompting the eventual departures of almost all of the other members of the 'classic era'. It follows the evolution of the synthesizer as an instrument from the relatively modest theremin to the engineering masterpiece that was the Minimoog Model D.

The reward for resistance is isolation and economic marginalization. Pulse-pounding drumming, rattling bone tempos, circling keyboard riffs Blake began a solo career under the name of Crystal Machine, which is noted for being the first live act to introduce the use of laser lighting in the entertainment world.

You get "The Ba and the Ka", another new song. The book then goes on to document the runaway success of Moog and its subsequent crash. Suzuki was once the vocalist with Can in the Seventies. There's a strange Fifties mood interwoven with the modern riffs, lending a pleasant nostalgic edge to the tuneage, as if the songs spill from some time warp linking the deco past with the techno present.

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Analog Days: The Invention and Impact of the Moog Synthesizer

Originally on Energy Discs as a cassette only release, Synthesis features ex-Hawkwind synthesist/electronics wizard Del Dettmar and Canadian guitarist/synthesist Gerald Toon. All. "Welcome to our Internet store.

Del Dettmar

Wayside Music was established in January of as a mail order operation. For over 35 years, we have been dealing in avant, experimental, off-beat, progressive and rehearsal intensive rock, jazz, and contemporary music as well as many other undefinable musics from across the globe.

Our label, Cuneiform Records, was founded in Timothy 'Tim' Blake (born 6 Februaryin Shepherd's Bush, London) is a keyboardist, synthesist, vocalist, and composer working with both Gong and Hawkwind.

Blake is also known for his Synthesizer and Light performances as Crystal Machine, with the French Light Artist Patrice Warrener. There are a few inaccuracies, mind you, and a few missing points (in their discussion of Hawkwind the authors fail to note that not only did Del Dettmar and Dik-Mik use the EMS VCS3, but they also built their own synthesizer gear; likewise they don't mention that Kraftwek built much of their own equipment/5.

A killer lineup, the newest addition being Synthesist Knivedon, who returns to the sound the rushing Synthesizer textures in the tradition of Del Dettmar.

Davey and Drummer Chadwick are the most solid rhythm section that has played in this band since Harvey switched to Keyboards and Synthesizers, and Chadwick, though not a "hard Hitter", teases.

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