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The unit, after analysis, has compiled a contemptuous report that is pages long, explaining how governmental failure at every level resulted in drinking water contamination in the city, with lead found in high concentration.

Weaknesses A financial emergency was declared in Flint in the yearleading to state assumption of the city's budgetary control function. Flint shares an historical legacy of lead water pipes with thousands of other cities, suburbs and towns across our country, and most likely this is not the first time, even in Flint, that these pipes have conveyed tiny amounts of the toxin into homes and children.

This article is a timeline of some of the important events in the Flint water crisis: An internal January 27, email from a supervisor at the health department said that the Flint water treatment plant had not responded in months to "multiple written and verbal requests" for information.

The Flint Water Crisis: Flint michigan essay would be great if the majority of the citizens of the county possessed some sort of opportunistic Flint michigan essay.

Flint is only the latest city to have slipped through the cracks of these rules. How do race and social class impact who has been affected by the Flint water crisis, and their ability to get their concerns addressed?

Current Event Essay 3: Flint Water Crisis

Edwards' research team, said 45 percent of residents that collected samples in July for the lead testing program had no detectable level of particulate lead in their water supply.

Christian Warren studies the socio-cultural dynamics of health, class, race and the natural and built environment. Many people in the town say why are we paying for waste and toxins. Lead can damage your nervous system.

Do you even know what lead water can do to your body?

Flint water crisis

In specific, it will address associated challenges and concepts, a SWOT strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis of the issue, and solutions and recommendations in order to resolve the issue. Money from General Motors trickled down from the workers to every part of the economy of Genesse county.

One of the worst cases happened in Lowell, Massachusetts, after officials switched from one source of water to another that was even more corrosive. And they were right in another way, as well: The analogy between bricks-and-mortar and blood-and-bone breaks down on questions about a cure for our lead woes.

The investigative task force further asserted that the agency was authorized to exert power under the Lead and Copper Rule's 40 CFR By the mids we were awakening to the fact that burning leaded gasoline produced a miasma of highly bio-available lead oxides into our atmosphere.

The red color of the water resulted from the corrosion of the iron pipesand while FWSC took steps, such as flushing the water mains, the problems continued. The mix of austerity politics, environmental racismand sheer ineptitude makes for a shocking brew, yet the physical conditions that have made it literally toxic for Flint residents are neither as exceptional nor as recent as much of the media coverage suggests.

Members of the panel included Bill Donahue pro-opportunityLarry Thompson pro-opportunityDorothy Reynolds catastrophe supporter and Ruben Burks catastrophe supporter.

Flint, Michigan

A ban on its usage in paint in and a phase-out from gasoline into the s have had considerable impacts, yet regulators have struggled to contain the continuing danger from drinking water. Ruben Burks was also invited to share his opinions on the catastrophe surrounding Flint.

According to Kildee, Flint's water crisis suggests an attitude regarding industrial cities like Flint that, during the last three decades, have seen tough times Ganim and Tran, He claims they are usually simply forgotten.

After the switch, residents complained about the color, taste, and odor of the water. Explicitly evil intentions are not required in order for great harm to be perpetrated.

Ananich also requested further emergency funding from the state and long-term funding to address the effects of the lead contamination. The other side of the issue brought Bill Donahue and Larry Thompson to the podium. April 2, Flint tells its residents it has flunked the Safe Drinking Water Act again because of the disinfectants.

The switch was made during a financial state of emergency. Thompson's quote of "Growing as a person is when you suffer some sort of loss" provides the opportunistic attitude that is lacking in the Flint.

Dororthy Reynolds gave many statistics which proved how much the decline of GM hurt Flint. And our cultural system encompassing, for example, economics, social relations and ideologies reinforced the permissibility, the very social and political acceptability of those decisions.

Gina Mccarthy, Administrator of EPA, identified no less than five areas which would need further focus and funding for guaranteeing a sustainable, safe potable water supply within an official letter addressed to Rick Snyder, Michigan State's Governor, and Weaver.

Clay has published on waterborne lead and infant mortality and is currently working on a project on airborne lead and infant mortality.

Dog Eat Dog Films. Sincethe library has provided safe water for the public alongside the state's most prominent bottled water provider. Marc Edwards led the Virginia Tech Flint water study.

From toGovernor Snyder appointed four emergency managers to control Flint's finances.What makes Flint, Michigan's current water situation a crisis? Perhaps it's children not being able to quench their thirst by consuming the water at their schools, or mothers who cannot give their children water from the tap due to.

An Analysis of Up in Michigan Essay - An Analysis of Up in Michigan My choosing this story for an analysis is based on what I think is the very American feeling there is to this short story. Tonight on MSNBC, “The Rachel Maddow Show” will host a town hall with residents of Flint, Michigan to discuss view photo essay.

Life in Flint: A logistical, financial and health nightmare. Sep 11,  · The ability to develop a good research topic is an important skill. An instructor may assign you a specific topic, but most often instructors require you to select your own topic of interest.

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Flint water crisis: a timeline

Flint water crisis: A visual essay. Photos and story by Ryan Garza | Detroit Free Press. Published Dec. 17, Don't forget about Flint. It's a sentiment we've heard since the national media.

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