Quotation marks for emphasis in legal writing and research

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Quotations and Dialogue

This gets more complicated if you can't determine the subject. Punctuation marks, on the other hand, should be written after the quoted text.

Will humor or a story work for your audience? If your audience cares enough to follow it, or needs to convey the argument to others, it is a useful structure. Go periods and commas go inside quotation marks.

Quotation Marks

In a typical typesetting environment, double spacing is achieved by telling the typesetting software the amount of desired space between paragraphs. Much of this extra information need not be and should not be quoted in the reply. Use the following rules to help you understand semicolons.

However, every quotation must be clearly identified with the source of the quotation and the name of the author of the quoted text. And using scare quotes might be the beginning of better legal writing. Some people might think of style merely as a synonym for appearance.

You will not see the server prepend [CE-L] as it is happening. There is little guidance that gives a precise, quantitative determination of the line that divides fair use from infringement. Buick, Chevrolet car names: Then came the soft padding of hooves — not so much a disruption of the silence as a carefully-measured, respectful step around it.

Our communication style is honesty. All written discovery requests, disclosures, responses, and objections must be accompanied by the signature of an attorney of record or a pro se party. You will see, in subject lines that listmates have handled correctly, both the [CE-L] list identifier AND a subject-matter tag.

That derives partly from how the communicator meant the audience to judge or feel. The parties could potentially agree that certain specified depositions warrant more time, with the remainder subject to the one—day, seven-hour limitation.

Jargon includes techno-talk, shop-talk and random, stylized forms of bad grammar. If you find an image that belongs to you and you do not want it displayed here, send me an e-mail and I'll remove it immediately.

Some Observations on Copyright Law

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Annotated and with an introduction by Vara Neverow, Harcourt, Inc. Contact the list owners for help. An author may use relative links in an HTML webpage e. If you don't like hyphens, you can always rewrite your sentence.

Consult a local attorney who is familiar with copyright law for details. A fourth way to make a copy with a browser is to use the Save As command from the File menu. Elliptical sentences are sentences which lack a core element subject, predicate, objectbut are entirely understandable from context.

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That might be difficult to define, but not difficult to know the obvious opposite. Use a descriptive subject line with the appropriate tag.6 Marks of Biblical Modesty: How God Brings Sexy Back. Modesty is a controversial topic, especially when you throw God into the mix.

Some simply cannot fathom, amidst all the great injustices in the world, that God actually cares if a girl wears skin-tight pants with the word “Juicy” written on them. Single quotation marks enclose a quotation within a quotation. Open and close the quoted passage with double quotation marks, and change any quotation marks that.

How Scare Quotes Are Saving Legal Writing. For years, grammarians and writing gurus have bemoaned misuses of quotation marks—and these misuses are legion. But for lawyers, quotation-mark abuse may not be so bad.

Wikipedia:Manual of Style

When you can’t use emphasis, your writing might come out a little bland and tasteless. Usually you can fix this with word. If you want to emphasize words within a quote, you can use formatting.

Italicize the word or phrase inside the quote and add "[emphasis added]" (without the quotation marks) in the square brackets to indicate the italics did not appear in the original. Place colons and semicolons outside closed quotation marks. Williams described the experiment as "a definitive step forward"; other scientists disagreed.

Benedetto emphasizes three elements of what she calls her "Olympic journey": family support, personal commitment, and great coaching.

10 Responses to “Punctuation Errors: Quotation Marks for Emphasis” Marten Veldthuis on August 01, pm. And then a good rule of thumb: use boldface for sans-serif fonts (e.g.

Arial), and italics for serif fonts (e.g. Times New Roman). Daniel on August 01, pm. Marten, good one.

Quotation marks for emphasis in legal writing and research
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