Short book report on the hunger games

She does not see the bigger picture at play in the games and does not have any interest in a revolution. Neither Katniss nor Peeta will kill the other, so Katniss takes out the poisonous berries. However, it does not contain any water and Katniss knows that she will need to find a water source as soon as possible if she is to survive in the forested arena.

We can never compromise on that. The next day Katniss goes in search of water. She comes back hours later and finds a small pile of poisonous berries Peeta collected thinking they were safe. Thresh reveals that he is from District eleven and that he saved Katniss in tribute to Rue.

Online chat with writers We have many competent and certified writers available to process your essay and you can chat with them online to find the best one to work with. Peeta is the son of a baker and because of this Katniss assumes that he leads a more fortunate life than her. In a strategy that has never been used before, Katniss and Peeta are presented as a pair during the opening ceremonies.

Katniss and Peeta spit the berries out. Just when Katniss thinks they are safe, Cato begins to strangle Peeta. But he notes that he will not be doing that again and leaves. Katniss is a sixteen-year-old girl living with her family in an area called District twelve.

The Hunger Games

He smiles as he does so but Katniss can tell that he is furious at her. Katniss remembers Peeta and goes to find him. Meanwhile, the twelve districts struggle to survive, often under the heavy and oppressive hands of armed guards. However, Katniss still feels ashamed that Peeta saw her at one of her lowest moments.

Conclusion This action filled science fiction novel reveals a sadistic state of a dystopia world. After they leave, Madge enters and sweetly gives Katniss a gold pin with a bird in the center to wear to represent her district. Effie draws the name of the female tribute first: She goes in search of the girl and finds her just as she is being stabbed by a boy from District one.

The two discuss running away and something called the Reaping that is to be held that day. Katniss realizes there are strange creatures chasing him, and they all run to the Cornucopia and climb up.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - review

Another announcement is made, this time saying each tribute will find an item they desperately need at the Cornucopia. Then the male tribute is selected. Almost all are healthier and bigger than her. She hikes all day before making camp. At the end of the battle, one tribute remains and is crowned the winner.

The creatures are mutant wolves engineered by the Capitol, and Katniss realizes they are actually the dead tributes, who have been turned into these monsters. She wanders through the woods, beginning to dehydrate and stumbles upon a small lake which she uses to collect water.

What Katniss does not realize is that Peeta, who suffered abuse at the hands of his parents, was ashamed to have her see his mother beat him for burning the bread. That night, at the reaping ceremony, the mayor gives a speech describing how the governments of North America collapsed and the country of Panem rose up in their place.

When the rain lets up, Peeta and Katniss need to find food. Since that day, she has always associated this revelation with Peeta and secretly feels indebted to him. After the initial bloodbath, eleven shots ring out signaling that eleven tributes are now dead.

Katniss often hunts with her good friend Gale Hawthorne, who is two years olderBased on the book by Suzanne Collins, Katniss Everdeen takes her sister's place in the Hunger Games, a fight to the death in live TV.

One boy and one girl are chosen randomly from each district to participate. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - review he's sort of like the Jacob of The Hunger Games series and lives with her mother and sister, Primrose.

It's a great book and Suzanne Collins. The Hunger Games Questions and Answers.

The Hunger Games Summary

The Question and Answer section for The Hunger Games is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. “The Hunger Games” is a Young Adult dystopian novel written by Suzanne Collins and published in The novel was an instant success and has since been awarded Publishers Weekly’s ‘Best Book of the Year Award’, the New York Times “Notable Children’s Book of ” award and the California Young Reader Medal in.

The Hunger Games Book Report 1. State the title, author, and number of pages. The Hunger Games is a novel written by Suzanna Collins. The book consists of pages.

2. Tell what the book is about. Describe the setting. The book is about Katniss, a sixteen year old girl, who lives in district 12 with her mother and her sister, Prim. Each year, the Hunger Games are held, and a boy and a girl. The Hunger Games By: Suzanna Collins For World Civilization By Sydney Boyd Period 4 The book I read for my book report was The Hunger Games by Suzanna Collins.

The Hunger Games takes place sometime in the future.

Short book report on the hunger games
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